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Jaguar Model Reviews

Welcome to Crown Jaguar! The Jaguar line up of cars has a long and storied history, from their first cars in the 1940s to the racing glory of the 1950s and the 1980s, as well as providing cars for the British Prime Ministers, the Royal Family and other celebrities. The cars currently offered by Jaguar live up to the years of reputation built up by the marquee, offering the excellent performance, exquisite comfort and technological sophistication that discerning buyers and car enthusiasts have come to expect from the Jaguar name. On this page, you can compare the features and specifications of all the cars currently produced by Jaguar so that you can find the perfect car to fit your needs. Whether it is lightning-fast speed, luxurious interior or cutting-edge infotainment, Jaguar has everything you expect from a luxury executive sedan or convertible and much more.

Research and compare our models, then when you're ready, stop by our Jaguar dealership in St. Petersburg for a test drive.

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Speed and power are words that come to mind when you consider the jaguar, and Jaguar cars are no different. The engines powering Jaguar cars are some of the most powerful in the segment, from the blazing-fast 5-liter supercharged V8 producing 567 horsepower to the mighty 3-liter turbo diesel that generates 516 pound-feet of torque. Linking those engines to the wheels is either a technologically sophisticated 6- or 8-speed automatic transmission or the sporty and responsive 6-speed manual transmission. Both provide you with the means to control and channel the incredible power of your Jaguar exactly where and how you want. And to give you even more control, Jaguar cars are available in both rear wheel drive for an authentic motor sport feel and all-wheel drive for maximizing safety and handling.

Digital Technology

Jaguar models are equipped with the latest digital technology to keep drivers and passengers connected to the high-tech outside world. Bluetooth facilitates dialing and accepting hands-free phone calls. SiriusXM Satellite Radio and HD Radio are available for listening to hundreds of channels featuring dozens of music genres. USB and auxiliary ports further make it easy to sync mobile devices with the central consoles inside Jaguar models. Color touchscreen displays with GPS navigation are available in Jaguar vehicles. Available in large screen sizes such as eight inches, the displays can be synced with rear view cameras that show wide-angle perspectives of what's going on directly behind the Jaguar.


Jaguar's design has long been a benchmark by which other luxury sedans measured their own looks. From the exterior, a Jaguar can't ever be mistaken for any other car. Their smooth lines both suggest a big cat about to pounce and bring down the car's aerodynamic drag to maximize performance and minimize road noise. Distinctive and unique head light and tail lamp designs further cement the Jaguar as an exceptional car, unlike others on the road. The interior is meticulously crafted, with comfortable and supple leather seats suggesting traditional luxury while smooth metallic accents and smoothly moving power components accentuate the car's forward-looking aesthetic. To behold a Jaguar, either from the outside or from behind the wheel, is simply beautiful.


Jaguar is committed to making its vehicles some of the most technologically progressive ones on the road, and when you get into the cockpit of one, it shows. The instrument cluster is displayed on a high resolution liquid crystal display, while the infotainment is controlled through a large LCD touch screen interface. The innovative JaguarDrive control system, operated through a futuristic JaguarDrive selector knob, allows you to customize the vehicle's driving dynamics to perfection, while cutting-edge safety features, like Autonomous Emergency Braking, All Surface Progress Control, Lane Keep Assist and Driver Condition Monitor work to keep you safe and alert even in the most dangerous road conditions. Jaguar cars are on the pinnacle of automotive development. They combine excellent power, technological innovation and brilliant design into one luxurious package. The reviews available on this page will help you find the Jaguar that has the features and specifications that suit your lifestyle the best. Once you've found the right one, visit us at Crown Jaguar and try it out for yourself. It will change your life.

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