Crown Jaguar Is A SV Specialist Centre


Distinct, unrivaled, exclusivity at its best. A vehicle that pushes the boundaries of engineering and design and is as beautiful to look at as it is a thrill to drive. For our most discerning customers, Jaguar St. Petersburg is pleased to introduce a portfolio of Jaguar SV vehicles.

Designated as only 1 of 20 specialty vehicle centers, Jaguar St. Petersburg SV Specialist Centre provides our special buyers with an unparalleled customer service experience in a showroom that highlights our distinct SV collection.

We understand you’re buying one of the world’s finest automobiles and we are pleased to be a retailer recognized by Jaguar for its excellence. You expect a superior, flawless experience when purchasing a vehicle of this caliber, so we operate according to the Customer First Principles.

An individual experience that’s tailored and flexible to your needs as well as respectful of your time.

Your trusted advisor will always be open, honest and have your best interests at heart.

We understand your time is valuable. We put the effort in so you don’t have to.

We’ll do what we promise when we promise it.

Your trusted advisor is with you every step of the way. From purchase to aftercare, you can rely on your designated advisor to address and handle any of your automotive needs.

SV is at the center of luxury, performance and capability. Offering a portfolio of models tailored to amplify, every vehicle showcases the best of Jaguar with unsurpassed rarity and cutting-edge technology.

SV Technicians

Your transparent experience extends to our service department. At Jaguar St. Petersburg SV Specialist Centre, you will have a designated staff member who is responsible for the care and maintenance for your elite vehicle. Having completed extensive training, our Level 3 and 4 technicians are as well-versed in your vehicle as the manufacturer.

A loaner vehicle will be provided when needed to meet and surpass the expectations of our SV clientele.

As we set out to captivate and revolutionize your car-buying experience, we are honored to showcase the highest standard of luxury and performance vehicles.

As we’ve created an incomparable automotive experience, Jaguar St. Petersburg invites our most discerning customers to discover vehicles that quite simply are above the bar.