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If you are considering a new Jaguar, you have already taken the first step toward the world of fine British craftsmanship and sporting performance these cars provide. Now you are probably asking yourself the same question as many of our shoppers: should I buy, or should I lease?

Leasing Your Jaguar

Thanks to special lease offers on the XE, XF and XJ sport sedans, the F-TYPE sports car and all-new F-PACE luxury SUV, leasing a new Jaguar comes with a set of advantages. The drive-off costs, which incorporate down payment, fees and your first monthly payment, are lower with leasing than with buying. You will not need to worry about maintenance fees because during your period of ownership your vehicle will be covered under warranty and free scheduled maintenance. Also, the limited term of the lease means in just a few years, you will be free to upgrade to an all-new model to keep what is in your garage fresh.

That said, leasing does come at some disadvantages. Heavier drivers should take note of mileage caps, which take the form of an annual number written into the terms of your lease. Should you exceed the cap, you will be paying by the mile for excess mileage, and this can quickly get expensive. You will also be making payments every month for the right to drive a vehicle, but not own it outright at the end of the lease term. While some new car leases offer an option to buy the car outright at the end of the lease, you would still come out ahead financially should you choose to buy the car outright in the first place.

Buying Your Jaguar

The option to buy is made easier through special APR offers for customers with well-qualified credit that can take the financial burden out of buying a new vehicle. Buying with an excellent APR means your monthly payments will be lower, but still not as low as those with a lease unless you choose to make an especially large down payment.

It is that down payment that can be difficult for some buyers, but if you have been saving some money for your new Jaguar purchase and have no trouble making the down payment, buying outright brings the real advantage that your car is really yours and does not need to instead be returned after a period of 2, 3 or 4 years. In this way, you are building up equity in a vehicle that you are free to modify as you wish, drive as much as you want, and sell or trade in when you have decided to buy another car. You will never need to worry about mileage caps, and you can rest easy knowing your monthly payment is going toward an asset that will become yours and not just a vehicle that has ultimately been borrowed for a limited time period.

Buy or lease? Our friendly and professional dealership staff will be happy to go over the options with you with a special eye on your own financial situation to help you make the right decision. Stop by our Jaguar dealership to see our full stock today, learn about special APR, lease offers & finance specials, and take a test drive or two. Jaguar's thrilling lineup remains unique and true to its heritage while offering luxury, performance and value.

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