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My Check Engine Light is On! Now What?

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You’re In the Best Hands at Crown Jaguar St. Petersburg

Your Jaguar can’t talk to you and tell you what’s wrong if something has malfunctioned. Instead, if something with its mechanical system is amiss, it’ll illuminate a check engine light to notify you that it needs service. When your check engine light comes on, you’ll want to bring it to our St. Petersburg Jaguar service center at your earliest convenience, ensuring it’ll be in the best hands.

Each of our technicians is ASE Certified and factory-trained to diagnose, service, and repair whatever issue your vehicle could have. We also use genuine Jaguar replacement parts to ensure your vehicle retains its performance and reliability.

If your check engine light is on, trust the experts here at Jaguar St. Petersburg to get your car back on the road like new.

Let's talk about check engine light service and what to do if yours ever comes on.

What is a Check Engine Light Service?

When a vehicle comes into our service facility with a check engine light, one of our technicians will hook connect diagnostic equipment to your vehicle's onboard diagnostic system. From there, our experts will be able to read the fault codes that have been stored in your vehicle’s computer, and determine the component that has malfunctioned.

With your approval, our technicians will remove the failed component and replace it with a genuine Jaguar replacement part. After completing the repair, your technician will then take your vehicle on a short test drive to ensure that everything is working like new.

To back the quality and dependability of our work, we even back our repairs with a warranty for total peace of mind.

Why Do I Need Check Engine Light Service?

The main benefit of getting check engine light service promptly is that it minimizes repair costs. Driving with the check engine light on for an extended period of time can cause other components to fail, cause other warning lights to illuminate, or even leave you stranded.

Because there are hundreds of components that could trigger a check engine light, the reasons could be something as simple as a defective oxygen sensor to issues with your catalytic converter. Because there’s no telling what’s causing your vehicle to give off this warning light, it’s important to bring your Jaguar in as soon as possible, even if your vehicle is running normally.

Just like someone may start dancing when they really have to use the restroom, your vehicle’s check engine light will start flashing to tell you something is urgently wrong. When this occurs you may experience a reduction in performance, or even a total disabling of your vehicle. If you’re able, be sure to get your Jaguar to our service facility as soon as possible.

How Often Do I Need Check Engine Light Service?

Check engine light is a warning light you hope never illuminates, however, it happens, and it’s never a reason to panic. However, there is a way to minimize issues with your vehicle and promote total reliability: routine maintenance.

Routine maintenance can promote reliability and longevity from your Jaguar, minimizing the cost of repairs through your vehicle lifetime.

Of all the maintenance services that you can perform on your vehicle, the oil change is by far the most important. Lubricating hundreds of moving parts within your engine, a routine oil change goes a long way and can promote longevity and optimal fuel economy.

If its been a while since your last oil change, schedule service today and treat your engine to a high-quality oil change from St. Petersburg Jaguar.

We’ll See You Soon!

At St. Petersburg Jaguar, we provide the most trustworthy and capable check engine light service in St. Petersburg. Whether your check engine light has just come on, or it's flashing, trust that our service and repair facility can get your Jaguar back on the road, and running like new.

Schedule service today and trust your vehicle in the hands of the experts.

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