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Crown Fast Buy FAQ

What is Crown Fast Buy?

Buying a new car should never be a complicated or stressful experience. And with health and safety concerns on everyone’s mind, you should have more options for no-contact or limited-contact car shopping. That’s why your best bet for buying a new luxury vehicle is through the Crown Fast Buy online shopping service.

Crown Fast Buy is our streamlined, user-friendly online shopping portal. Our online shopping experience is an integrated service that connects you with our entire St. Petersburg, FL inventory of vehicles. Every step of the car buying process is 100% online; just select the car you want, choose your desired features, value your trade-in, and even get fast vehicle financing, all in one online location.

Once you’re done, you can schedule to have your new vehicle delivered to your home, office, or anywhere else you’d like.

Contact us today to learn more about all the benefits and features available with Crown Fast Buy online car buying, or head directly to the Crown Fast Buy homepage to get started.

How to Use Crown Fast Buy

Our service offers a simple six-step approach to buying your next luxury Jaguar vehicle or any other used or new car at our St. Petersburg, FL location. Below is a quick run-through of how easy it is to buy a car online with Crown Fast Buy.

Choose Your Car

First, choose the car you’d like to buy. You can select any vehicle currently available in our inventory. Adjust the browsing parameters to more quickly locate the vehicle that best suits your needs. Search by used or new, model, year, body type, key features, or price. You can also filter by lease, finance, or cash to determine the monthly or total cost for each vehicle.

Crown Fast Buy allows you to select multiple parameters to help whittle down our large inventory to exactly the cars that best match your preferences.

Select Payment Options

Once you’ve picked the vehicle you want to purchase, determine whether you want to finance, lease, or purchase the vehicle with cash. Our no-haggle, upfront pricing is updated regularly to reflect the most current and best available price for each vehicle.

Value Your Trade-In (Optional)

If you choose, you can sell your old vehicle as part of the online car buying process. Our system is connected directly to the TrueCar pricing system. Enter your current vehicle’s basic information, including make, model, year, VIN number, and mileage. We’ll give you an instant cash offer on the vehicle based on its publicly available data.

Verify Credit History and Driver Information

If you’re purchasing your vehicle through financing or a lease, you’ll need to complete and upload a credit application. You’ll also need to upload copies of your driver’s license and insurance information. All buyers, including those paying with cash, will need to complete a short federally required form that allows us to provide you with your credit score and your eligible deals.

Review and Accept Deal Sheet

Your final deal sheet will reflect the numbers we’ve calculated based on your approved credit. This information includes your interest rate, payment term, total payment amount, and other information related to your deal. If you have questions about the deal, just call our dealership to speak to a representative.

Schedule Delivery

The last step is to schedule for delivery of your vehicle. Enter the desired address, date, and time of your delivery. One of our Delivery Specialists will bring your vehicle to the location you specified with the final paperwork ready to sign. If needed, our Specialist can help you set up a Bluetooth connection from your phone to your vehicle or provide a thorough walkthrough of the vehicle’s features.

Our Specialist will also tow away any trade-in vehicle you’re selling at no additional cost.

Couple Shopping Online

What Information Do I Need for Online Car Buying?

Buying a car online requires a similar set of documents as in-person car buying. To get started, you’ll need to have a copy of your driver’s license and insurance information, a credit card or banking information, and a block of time to focus on completing the entire process.

There are no special requirements or limitations; everything you’d bring with you to the dealership is all you need to buy your car online through Crown Fast Buy.

How Do I Test Drive and Receive My Vehicle?

Crown Automotive understands that some buyers may prefer to test drive a vehicle before buying it. To accommodate, we now offer At Home or Office Test Drives for any vehicle available for purchase. Schedule your test drive today to have us bring a fully sanitized vehicle to your home or office. You can shop for the vehicle you want to buy, test drive it alone from your home or office location, then finish the buying process online.

Buy Your Next Jaguar with Crown Fast Buy

Enjoy fast, easy, and safe online car buying with Crown Fast Buy. Browse for the vehicle you want, choose your financing options, then get your car delivered right to your front door.

Start the process today using our Crown Fast Buy portal, or contact us to schedule a test drive before you buy.

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