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When Should I Change My Oil?

Your Most Common Oil Change Questions Answered

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Why Should You Service Your Vehicle at Crown Jaguar?

At Jaguar St. Petersburg, we proudly serve the St. Petersburg area and we’re dedicated to ensuring that we’re the best facility in the area for a Jaguar oil and filter change. Not only are each of our technicians factory-trained and ASE certified, but each one uses genuine Jaguar replacement parts to preserve the performance and dependability of your vehicle.

Come with us as we answer some of the most common oil change questions and help you discover how there’s no other place more qualified for all of your service and repair needs than Jaguar St. Petersburg.

What Are the Different Types of Oil Change Services Available?

Your motor oil is tasked with a big job: Minimize friction, reduce heat, and remove contaminants like carbon deposits from your engine. Without oil, your engine would quickly begin to self-destruct, as friction from the hundreds of moving parts would quickly raise temperatures and destroy the engine.

Your oil is great at its job, and plays a key role in allowing your engine to perform its best and return its greatest efficiency. However, your oil is only effective for so long, as it slowly begins to lose the properties that help it keep your engine lubricated and cool, which is why it eventually needs to be changed.

There are three main types of oil that can be put in your vehicle, conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic.

Conventional Oil – this type of oil is made from crude oil that’s been fracked from the earth. The oil is then refined before it's placed into your engine. Conventional oil offers adequate protection against heat and needs to be changed every 3,000-5,000 miles.

Synthetic Blend Oil – synthetic blend oil features a conventional oil base, but features synthetic additives to address the needs of certain engines. Synthetic blend oil is sometimes used for high mileage engines and may include certain sealants or detergents to address gasket leaks and carbon buildup. Synthetic blend oil often needs to be changed every 5,000-7,500 miles.

Full Synthetic Oil – full synthetic oil offers the best protection against friction and heat and is most commonly used in high-performance engines. Synthetic oil has the longest life out of its counterparts, and generally needs to be changed every 7,500-10,000 miles.

What Are the Benefits to Oil Change Services? What Happens If You Don't Get Them Regularly?

Routine maintenance services are the key to ensuring that your vehicle returns years of reliable service and performance. Neglecting your oil changes can slowly cause your engine to wear prematurely. Old oil simply can't lubricate internal parts like fresh oil, and it also can’t provide the same protection.

Routine oil changes reduce breakdown and can be the difference between a vehicle that lasts you years, and one that needs thousands in repairs.

How Do I Check My Oil?

Checking your oil is simple and can be done in just a few steps.

If you drive a late model vehicle, you may be able to check your oil level from the onboard computer inside your vehicle. Simply cycle through your vehicle settings and you should find your maintenance and oil information there.

If your vehicle is an older model or you’d like to check your oil via its dipstick, here is how:

  1. Park your vehicle on a level surface and make sure that your engine is cool
  2. Locate your dipstick and remove it. Wipe off the end of the dipstick with a lint-free cloth or rag.
  3. Replace the dipstick and push it all the way in.
  4. Pull your dipstick back out and read your oil level. Ensure that your oil is between the minimum and maximum markings on the stick.

We’ll See You Soon!

If you’re looking for a superior oil and filter change in St. Petersburg, look no further than Jaguar St. Petersburg. Not only do we feature a team of qualified technicians, and genuine Jaguar parts, but we also offer fantastic service specials that allow you to save money while giving your Jaguar the best care.

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